Voices of Kent Sorted by Title
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2673 Disc, Compact Adam Schauber Oral History     08/19/1982
2662 Disc, Compact Alice H. Hopkins Oral History     12/31/1982
2681 Disc, Compact Anna Thelma Vansant Oral History     04/08/1983
2676 Disc, Compact Catherine Slagle Oral History     05/09/1984
2669 Tape Dorothy Myers Oral History     03/28/1983
2667 Disc, Compact Francis P. Metcalfe Oral History     06/13/1982
2643 Disc, Compact Gilbert Byron Oral History     1983
2684 Disc, Compact Harriette S. Welch Oral History     10/29/1982
2664 Disc, Compact Hope Barroll Hudson Oral History     05-03-1982
2657 Disc, Compact Jesse B. Downey Oral History     11/10/1982
2685 Disc, Compact Lee Landrus Wicks Oral History     08/05/1982
4322 Tape Mabel Lee Elbourn Oral History     1982
2653 Disc, Compact Stephen Roberts Collins Oral History     1983
2663 Disc, Compact Wilbur Ross Hubbard Oral History     04/01/1983
2671 Disc, Compact William "Swish" Nicholson Oral History     5/4/83
2666 Disc, Compact William Lee Oral History     01/04/1983

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