Hope Barroll Hudson Oral History

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Date 05-03-1982
Abstract Hope Barroll Hudson (born 1891)

Born in Kennedyville before the turn of the 20th century, Hope Hudson had a convenient perspective on life in a small town from his father's store. "I was in and out of the store, and I knew a lot of the neighboring farmers and practically everybody in Kennedyville. Now that didn't cover very many people…I suppose maybe fifty houses altogether." In those days, most people shopped and socialized locally. "See there wasn't anything but horse-drawn vehicles in those days, and so the people were more or less limited to probably say five miles." Small, local schools were everywhere so that children could walk. "It was one room. There had been two rooms, but evidently there had been a dropping off of the attendance…at the four corners you turn to the right…which is going toward what a lot of natives call Cleavers Corner, was this brick building with a frame addition. They had all the classes there. Seventh grade, I think, was about the limit."

Hudson's family had a store in Worton, then moved on to Chestertown, where his father's store was on the corner of High and Kent Streets. Just down the street from the new "all grade" public school built in 1902, it was a bustling location. "And we practically served practically all the trade for the children for paper and pencils…We also had a good line of candy. So we got then coming and going." Hudson briefly attended another school in town while the new school was being constructed. "There was a residence there, And when the county bought that land, they took down the old original building and the vacant ground in front and back was the playground. It wsn't very much, but, that's what it was." The school soon became overcrowded, and by 1916 a separate high school opened on Washington Avenue.

After graduating from school in Chestertown, Hudson attended Carnegie Technical School in Pittsburgh, then returned to run Chestertown Electric Light and Power in 1917, just after the first coal-fired power plant was built.

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Interview date 05/03/1982
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Narrator Hudson, Hope Barroll
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Title Hope Barroll Hudson Oral History
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