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The Key to Kent County History

Introduction: More than an exhibit and more than a digital archive, this online resource is an ever-expanding portal to information about Kent County, Maryland history. Beginning with a simple timeline of our history that connects users to additional information and topics, this section of the Historical Society of Kent County website will expand as we discover new links and research materials; write new material about the people, places and stories of our county; and add new items to our collection and online catalog. Together, these resources will allow students of history and researchers to get a sense of the richness of Kent’s history.

Using the Key to Kent County History: The Key to Kent County History is divided into eight time periods, from settlement through the present day. An introductory paragraph summarizes each time period, with additional information on a variety of subtopics below. You may explore as much of this information as you choose. Navigate to various time periods using the menu on the right.

In addition, each time period contains a collection of resources, from articles, websites and primary source materials which can be found on the internet, to links on information in the Society’s own catalog. A selection of images is available, as are articles based on original research by the Society, “Articles and Information.” These resources can be accessed using the menu bar at the top of each time period.

Look for additional resources to be added to this website in the near future. If you would like to suggest a resource available on the internet, please send the link information to Director@kentcountyhistory.org.

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