Colonial Chestertown
Article focusing on the growth of Chestertown in the 1700s by Gloria Seaman Allen in Magazine Antiques, April 2003.

Colonial Kent County
“Kent County” in Maryland’s Colonial Eastern Shore: Historical Sketches of Counties and of Some Notable Structures by Swepson Earle

Craftsmen in Colonial Kent
Article “Economic Roots of Craft Dynasties in Eighteenth Century, Maryland,”
by Christine Daniels in the book American Artisans: Crafting Social Identify, 1750-1850

Farming and Plantation Management
"Gresham's Laws: Labor Management on an Early-Eighteenth Century Chesapeake Plantation" by Christine Daniels in Journal of Southern History (link to excerpt, full text available).

Chestertown in the 1700s
Chapter primarily discussing social life in Chestertown in the 1700s, from Rivers of the Eastern Shore, by Hulbert Footner

Music and Dance in Chestertown
Chapter on music and dance in Chestertown from Dance and its Music in American, 1528-1789 by Kate Van Winkle Keller, p. 279.

St. Paul’s History
Booklet, “A Souvenir History of St. Paul’s, Kent County, Maryland” by Chris Denroche, 1893

Early 1700s Kent Marriages
List of Kent County Marriages from 1699-1715

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