Transitions in the Antebellum Period

Site Surveys

The links below are to some of the catalog records of historic site surveys contained in our research library pertaining to this time period.  Please visit our library (Wed-Fri, 10-3) for further information and photographs on these properties.  Many of these records are also accessible through the Maryland Historical Trust, in their Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, found online at  These site surveys are the product of a significant site documentation project conducted in the 1980s through a partnership of the Historical Society of Kent County, the Town of Chestertown, Kent County, and the Maryland Historical Trust.  Following this survey, the Historical Society produced and published Historic Houses of Kent County, an unequaled work of architectural history, now in its second printing and available for purchase through the Society.

Levi Rodgers House, built 1740

Caulk’s Field house, built 1743
Structure near the site of the famous battle of 1814.

Rose Hill, c. 1760
Martha Ogle Forman documented life on this plantation from 1814 to 1845 in her diaries, published by the Historical Society of Delaware.

Kitty Knight House or Archibald Wright House, built c. 1773
Home which Kitty Knight convinced the British not to burn during their raid on Georgetown in 1813

McCay’s Purchase, c. 1796

Knock’s Folly, c. 1796

Locust Grove Farm, c. 1800

Napley Green, c. 1800

Methodist Meeting House, 1801

Harris House, c. 1810

Grantham and Forrest Farm, c. 1815
Benjamin Tillotson escaped from enslavement here in 1857 during a camp revival meeting. Tillotson, afraid of being sold to slave traders from Georgia upon the death of his master, plantation owner Samuel Jarman. Tillotson narrowly escaped slave catchers who relentlessly pursued him

Big Fairlee, c. 1815

Beck’s Landing, c. 1820

Reese’s Corner House, c. 1820

Brick House Farm, c. 1820

Kings Prevention, c. 1820

Fair Hope Farm, c. 1820

Gondomah, c. 1822

Fairlee Manor, c. 1825

Mitchell House, 1825

Masonic Building, 1827

Kentland, c. 1800, 1830

Shrewsbury Church, 1834

Olivet Methodist Church, 1842

The Alms House, 1847

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