Transitions in the Antebellum Period

Images from the Antebellum Period

Caulk's FieldMonument and Flag at Caulk’s Field near Fairlee, where Kent militia defeated men from the British frigate Menelaus in 1813.
Georgetown historical marker Parts of Georgetown were burned by the British in 1813.
Portrait of Philip Reed Portrait of Philip Reed, who led the Kent County Militia at Caulk’s Field in 1813.
HMS Menelaus HMS Menelaus, captained by Peter Parker, and which anchored with several smaller ships in Fairlee Creek in 1813.
Peter Parker Peter Parker
Portrait of the British commander of the HMS Menelaus, killed at the Battle of Caulk’s Field.
Kent County Courthouse Kent County Courthouse
Drawing from 1907 Bird’s Eye View of Chestertown showing the oldest section of the Kent County, HS<C
Chestertown Armory and Market House 1860 Armory and Market House, Chestertown
Drawing of the armory and market house from Martenet’s 1860 map of Kent County.
Cape May Saloon advertisementCape May Saloon advertisement
Free black Levi Rodgers operated the Cape May Saloon in Chestertown in the 1840s.
Chestertown Merchants advertisement Chestertown Merchants advertisement
Merchants Wilmer & Francis and Thomas W. Eliason sold merchandise of all kinds at their establishments in the 1840s.
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