Introduction: At the beginning of the new millennium, Kent County remains rural, but continues to be a place in transition. Its 265 miles of shoreline, marinas, wildlife areas and beaches provide ample recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike. The county's over 100,000 acres of prime farmland provide the second highest crop output in Maryland, with commercial nursery operations representing the most valuable product. Washington College creates a strong, academic atmosphere within the community and is a major employer, along with the Chester River Health System, Dixon Valve & Coupling, LaMotte Chemical and David A. Bramble Paving/ Construction. The Heron Point retirement community, along with the historic and collegiate atmosphere, has attracted a large number of seniors, who now number nearly 22% of the population. The 18th and 19th century homes and structures, community cultural and history-inspired events, antiques shops and dining, historic small towns and museums, have made the county an attractive place to visit and live. Kent’s history promises to play a strong role in its future.
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